For more than a decade Biomega delivers oils and baobab products to Europe, which are produced by our partners mainly in Africa.

We are focused on ethically and sustainably harvesting in long term partnerships with rural communities and an open, social and fair partnership with our local producers. Our products are organically certified (EU, NOP), wild collected and in a natural state. The supply chain is strictly monitored and all our products meet the international standards and regulations. Naturally our food and cosmetic ingredients are comply with vegan, vegetarian and raw food standards.

By working closely with our customers, suppliers and producers we are able to constantly advance products, prices and quality according to your requirements.

Who we are

Dipl.-Ing. Martin A. Späth (founder) and a few engaged food science engineers have the mission to ease conditions of life in the poorest regions of western Africa by producing special commodities for the food and cosmetic sectors in Europa, Asia and America.

For our clients we offer customized products and solutions for their needs and requirements. We provide professional advisory service concerning questions of food regulatory, technical details and marketing.

Our longtime experiences in foodstuff and cosmetics allow us to produce high quality products by working closely, directly and co-operative with the rural communities and our partner companies.

We are focused on:

- Wild and sustainable harvesting of community-owned trees,

- Support in harvesting and production,

- Fair prices and social responsibility,

- Sustainable action and transparency,

- Trainings and further education of our partners’ staff,

- Purity, naturalness and traceability of the products,

- Organic certified (EU, NOP) products,

- Novel food approved products.